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Following the measures taken by the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg concerning the closure of all restaurants in the country, Foostix aims to encourage restaurateurs to keep their establishments open by taking no commissions from new restaurants joining the platform this March.
by: Silicon Luxembourg
photo: Adrianna Calvo from Pexels

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“We are fully aware of the difficult situation facing the sector in Luxembourg. We are also convinced that it is with the collaboration of everyone that we will be able to preserve our business,” says Foostix Deputy CEO Philippe Boyer.

In order to allow catering professionals to continue keeping kitchens open, Foostix has decided to take no commission on orders during the whole month of March for the new restaurants joining our platform. Only the 2.5% bank transaction fees will be applied.

For the existing partners, the company has just released an additional communication budget in order to reinforce its global visibility. A digital campaign is already in place as you read this, with the aim of raising awareness among the local population to order from restaurants near them.

Finally, in order to encourage the customers to order from the member restaurants via Foostix.com, additional discounts and loyalty points are now available to all, without any conditions. “Undoubtedly, the entire Foostix team is available for any kind of customer support,” comments Philippe Boyer.

Foostix, the historical leader in ordering dishes online in Luxembourg, was established in 2011. With more than 140 partner restaurants, they now handle more than a 100,000 delivery/take-out orders annually.

The content of this press release reflects only the opinion of the author, Foostix

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