Former KPMG Partner Melanie Moos Joins Fintech Depowise

Melanie Moos, country managing director of Depowise (Photo © Krõõt Tarkmeel / Depowise)

The 33-year-old is the new country managing director of Depowise, a Luxembourg-based FinTech startup founded in Estonia. She will spearhead efforts to scale the fintech and expand its Luxembourg presence.

The asset industry is seeing a groundbreaking shift as Melanie Moos, a luminary in the financial sector joins Depowise. Her appointment as country managing director in Luxembourg indicates a new era of automation and profitability in asset servicing processes.

“As Depowise is the only modern one-stop solution provider for the asset servicing industry, we are witnessing a huge demand for Depowise in European financial markets, including Luxembourg, where Melanie Moos will take the lead as country manager agile to help solve the key problems that stop asset servicing companies from scaling.”

Artur Reiter, Co-Founder and co-CEO of Depowise.

Early career

Melaine has a rich professional background, having held leadership roles at KPMG and Clearstream, where she led transformative programs. As a Partner at KPMG Luxembourg, Melanie Moos led large-scale transformation programs, business development initiatives, and high-performing consultant teams.

Before KPMG, Moos played a pivotal role as senior vice president at Clearstream, the European leading supplier of post-trading services, owned by Deutsche Börse. She led product management for investment funds services, overseeing partnerships, and acquisitions, in Europe and Singapore.

She is known for her innovative leadership style and passion for leveraging AI to address industry challenges head-on.

“Being a partner at KPMG required me to wear many hats, encompassing sales, delivery, staying abreast of all changes within my practice, and team management. I am now bringing these experiences to Depowise, to shape and execute strategies that will accelerate the company’s success.”

Melanie Moos, country managing director at Depowise.

Revolutionising asset servicing

Melanie’s career trajectory speaks volumes about her commitment to revolutionising the asset servicing landscape. With Depowise, she aims to automate processes and enhance customer scalability and profitability. 

“I believe the financial sector is at a pivotal moment: AI technologies are becoming increasingly powerful, promising to dramatically transform the industry in the coming years. I want to be an active actor in this transformative journey.”

Melanie Moos, country managing director at Depowise.

Melaine’s decision to join Depowise is in tandem with the company’s potential and vision to become the next fintech unicorn in the country. Her belief in the company’s mission to revolutionise operations resonates deeply. 

“Depowise’s mission to revolutionise operations resonates with me because I’ve seen very closely how manual and risky current processes can be,” she explains. With a stellar team and cutting-edge technology, Depowise is already servicing world-leading banks and financial institutions, with unstoppable growth,” said Melanie

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