Words From A Member: Mike Reiffers (Skeeled)

Mike Reiffers, CEO of Skeeled (Photo © Kaori Anne Jolliffe / Silicon Luxembourg)

Skeeled has joined the Silicon Luxembourg Founders Club. Co-founder and CEO Mike Reiffers tell us more about the HRTech company.

A few words about you.

I’m a 34-year-old Luxembourgish HR Tech entrepreneur. I co-founded skeeled in late 2014 after my studies with the aim to prove that AI could make a more accurate matching prediction between the data (hard and soft skills) a job applicant shares on the talent market and the data a recruiter uses to define a job position for a company. Today, nearly 8 years later, I am the CEO of Luxembourg’s leading Predictive Talent Acquisition Software offering innovative technology for most of the well-known companies on the local market and beyond.

What are the main pillars of your company?

Today skeeled can be defined around two main pillars: the software service and the advisory service.

Our software service is the tool that we have developed over the past years that allows applicants to apply for a company in a digital & smooth way and recruiters are benefitting from innovative features to manage their application flow. Additionally, they can apply assessment test to highlight soft skills and require video interviews to be pre-recorded. AI supports them in the screening.

The advisory service helps clients in change management when implementing a digital strategy with skeeled but also supports the hiring of specific profiles, our so-called recruitment-on-demand.

Why did you want to join the Founders Club?

I appreciate the work done by Charles-Louis, his team, and Silicon Luxembourg. The network has well evolved, and I believe for us this is the right type of members club to join. A modern and innovative ecosystem with some people I know already and many people I look forward to meeting and to exchange with.

What are the predictions of your industry?

Today, the talent market is a very hot one! The need for talent is higher than ever, especially after the crisis. I believe that the need for a smooth digital process where candidates can apply easily and quickly is a key element and a first important step into a new career.

On top of that, the GDPR legislation has shifted even more power towards the applicant and companies must protect themselves as the recruitment is linked to very sensitive data. This can only be managed by centralizing data in a safe digital environment through a software. There won’t be any way around it.

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