Grosbusch Leads The Way With New Solar Roof

Grosbusch’s newest solar roof cover 50% of its energy consumption (© Grosbusch)

The Luxembourg fruit and vegetable importer and distributor has just finished the installation of its 8 000㎡ roof, enabling it to cover half of its energy consumption.

An early adopter of sustainable practices, Grosbush continues to impress with its latest solar roof. The installation, which began in early 2023, now counts up to 5 800 solar panels and has a capacity of 1 250 kW, all of which was installed by the industry expert and family company SOCOM.

“We’re very happy and proud to have accompanied Grosbusch in their energy evolution. The project was realised in cooperation with Grosbusch and the planning, logistics and implementation all worked out without hiccups. We thank them for their trust in our Luxembourgish company,” said Frank Wies, director and member of the board of directors of SOCOM.

Grosbusch’s new solar roof.

Covering a surface of around 8 000㎡, the panels are the latest addition to Grosbush sustainable practices. Indeed, Grosbush already uses eco-responsible and recyclable packaging, favours local production, uses natural gas and is working towards getting a fully eclectic fleet.

While this project required the financial support of the BGL, Grosbusch is now able to cover 50% of its energy consumption with the panels on its roof, which, given an estimated ROI of less than 10 years, seems like a good investment.

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