LetzAI And Gcore Partner To Shape “Future of Luxembourg AI On A Global Scale”

LetzAI and Gcore’s latest partnership marks and important step in the global ambitions for Luxembourg’s AI industry. (© Gcore)

LetzAI, an image generation platform from Luxembourg, and Gcore have announced a partnership to scale Image Generation capabilities from Luxembourg across the globe, starting with LetzAI V2, due in March.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), is positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for AI-assisted creative services, particularly in image generation. In a press release Misch Strotz, CEO of LetzAI, and Andre Reitenbach, CEO of Gcore, expressed their shared vision for this collaboration, emphasizing their commitment to advancing the field of AI through joint efforts and innovative product offerings.

“Our partnership with LetzAI is not just about scaling Luxembourg-developed AI media internationally; it’s about shaping the future of Luxembourg AI on a global scale,”

Seva Vayner, Product Director at Gcore.

At the heart of this partnership is a mutual exchange of expertise and resources. Gcore, with its cutting-edge infrastructure spanning 160 points of presence (PoPs) worldwide, will provide LetzAI with unparalleled support for beta-testing and deployment. In return, LetzAI will offer valuable feedback, ensuring continuous improvement and innovation.

“Gcore has been incredibly helpful and it has been a true pleasure working with their team. Our company cultures are aligned, we’re moving fast, and together we strive to make this exciting technology available to as many early adopters as possible,” says Misch Strotz, CEO of LetzAI.

LetzAI V2, a first test

The first tangible outcome of this collaboration is the launch of LetzAI V2, scheduled for early March. Powered by Gcore’s state-of-the-art Nvidia H100 and L40S GPUs, LetzAI V2 promises to be one of the most inclusive generative AI platforms globally.

“Through collaborative innovation and relentless dedication, we’re revolutionizing the AI landscape, creating a smarter, more connected, and secure world for everyone.,” said Seva Vayner, Product Director at Gcore.

The partnership aims to provide ease of access to AI-driven media solutions, making LetzAI V2 platform available to professionals across various industries and markets. 

By leveraging Gcore’s infrastructure expertise, LetzAI V2 will cater to a diverse range of users, enabling them to accelerate their creative processes and engage with their communities through innovative AD formats like, ‘AI Challenges.’

Furthermore, the partnership is set to expand LetzAI’s footprint into new territories, including Switzerland, Germany, and BENELUX. This strategic expansion underscores the commitment of LetzAI and Gcore to making AI-driven media accessible to a global audience. 

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