Luxembourg’s Online Shopping Website

Launched in 2020, is already listing 400 of the largest online stores (Photo © Shutterstock)

When it comes to online shopping, Luxembourg is still trailing behind its neighbours and the rest of Europe. Martin Jäger’s website wants to change this and help customers and businesses alike.

Despite marketing itself as a digital economy, Luxembourg’s e-commerce sales are the lowest in Europe, a Eurostat study published last year found.

According to Martin Jäger, Affiliate Marketing expert and Key Account Manager at Amazon, this has a lot to do with Luxembourg’s “unique market”. He cites the diversity of languages, the culture of retail shopping and the relatively small market size as contributing factors.

Despite this, Martin Jäger decided to create his own website which makes it easier for Luxembourgish residents to find out whether online stores deliver to Luxembourg and, if so, how much delivery fees are.

With more than 50% of Luxembourgish residents having an international background, his website is the ideal place for international consumers to find out whether their favourite local stores deliver to Luxembourg. If the desired online store does not deliver to Luxembourg, his website also highlights similar alternatives which do.

Launched in 2020, Martin has already added 400 of the largest online stores to his website and is constantly adding new ones.

Affiliate Marketing

With only one other affiliate marketing website in Luxembourg, Martin Jäger also hopes to help create a local affiliate market with his startup. Known in the world of affiliate marketing in Germany–he was named Top 150 Influencers in 2020–Martin knows a thing or two about the sector.

For every customer that goes through Martin’s website to make a purchase on an online store, he gets a small referral fee. The idea behind affiliate marketing is that the online stores get more purchases through increased exposure and the affiliate marketeer makes a small profit–a true win-win.

Currently offered in German, Martin hopes to make his website available in English and French and increase the number of visitors tenfold by the end of next year.

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