Luxembourgers Embrace Bird

Bird, the leading global micro mobility company, has seen unprecedented ridership in Luxembourg in the first few days of operation. Over 2,000 people have already downloaded the app and taken a ride in the city. The busiest day was Friday with people using the service for their evening commute to beat the Friday evening traffic.
by: Silicon Luxembourg
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featured: e-scooters parked in Kirchberg

“We’re delighted to have made such a good start in Luxembourg. People are already embracing the service and using Bird to escape congestion without causing pollution. It’s great to see that people are using the service as intended and parking responsibly in designated areas,” said Jonatan de Boer, General Manager of Bird Luxembourg (see our article “Bird rolls onto Luxembourg’s City streets with e-scooters launch“). “With over 2,000 people having used our service in the first few days alone we can already see there is a huge demand for our Bird here.”

Bird is helping to solve the ‘last mile’ problem, where journeys are too short for public transport to be efficient but too long to walk. Many of these journeys have traditionally taken place in cars adding to congestion and carbon emissions. Bird is giving people an environmentally friendly alternative to taking a car as it gets them from their homes to the nearest bus stop or train station.

Inside Bird’s Plan To Take Over Luxembourg City
Inside Bird’s Plan To Take Over Luxembourg City

The launch of Bird unleashed passions. Comments are flourishing on social networks. The first users criss-cross the Kirchberg district. A study of population and travel flows carried out by Bird led the company to prioritize launch in one of the city’s twenty-four districts: the Kirchberg business district. Bird has added Place du Glacis in Limpertsberg and the funicular from the Pfaffenthal district for the use of its scooters. 40 “nests” have been set up in the busiest areas of these neighbourhoods.

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