[Meetup] Techie Night #1 x Technology Partner

(Photo © Pancake! Photographie)

The local IT community and startup ecosystem met at Silversquare’s co-working space for Silicon Luxembourg’s first Techie Night.

Julien Gras and Brice Bortolet, Technology Partner’s CTO and COO respectively, told audience the key behind successful automation processes. Since 2019, their company has been focusing on automations in project development, both for small and large scale projects.

However, they stressed that project automation is not about saving manpower, but about decreasing laborious and low-value tasks for workers.

“Resources are needed to ensure that a robot handles a task just as well as a human would,” stated Brice Bortolet.

Afterwards Olivier Rozet talked about the company Vireo, which aim to digitalise tax payment in order to make tax reduction more accessible to the general public. Currently, they are collaborating with Technology Partner to automate the legislative updates into their database.

These talks were then followed by a welcome drink and the possibility to network and engage. The speakers were also available for any questions.

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