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New House Of Entrepreneurship Program Helps Businesses Go Digital

While most groups and companies with more than 50 employees have already gone digital with their businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises often find it difficult to ensure their digital transformation. The House of Entrepreneurship has created the Go Digital program to solve their needs.
by: Aurélie Mohr-Boob
photo: Kaori Anne Jolliffe
featured: Laurent Lucius

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For many entrepreneurs, replacing obsolete tools with digital systems or investing in connected services and processes has been gradual. However, some categories of companies are still struggling to catch the digital train.

Crafts and certain regulated professions are beginning to face “digital compliance” which may eventually become a rift factor if they are not equipped with adequate means. In 2018, 80% of hotels in Luxembourg did not have a website and only 8% of retail businesses had an online sales site. Based on this observation, in the same year, the House of Entrepreneurship launched the Go Digital business transformation support programme. The House of Entrepreneurship was already welcoming business creators by offering them tools and services (legal, VAT, social security…) needed for the setup and development of their businesses. Go Digital focuses on accelerating and simplifying processes.

“In two years, local shops have increased their digital activity from 8 to 12%.”

On-demand Services

Go Digital offers three service packages. Firstly, a guidance unit in tandem with Luxinnovation, the Chamber of Trade and the Ministry of the Economy determine what support the company can benefit from through a series of workshops dedicated to “Defining the strategic vision of the company,” “Using Google Ads,” or “RGPD compliance”.

Laurent Lucius is the coordinator of the Go Digital project at the House of Entrepreneurship: “E-reputation, customer engagement, e-commerce and internal management are addressed. In 2019, 190 workshops were organized and 2050 entrepreneurs have participated. In two years, local shops have increased their digital activity from 8 to 12%.”

Finally, the last service consists of the implementation of digital tools in the company, carried out after a digital audit of the company’s premises. A support proposal is then initiated (implementation of a CRM or ERP). “This proposal is interesting for small companies with less than 10 employees, HoReCa companies or architectural firms, which are not as digital as the others. “When the company has a specific need, it can request a complete support service called Fit 4 Digital package. Supported by Luxinnovation, it costs €6,650 of which up to €5,000 can be financed by the Ministry of Economy.”

Between September and December 2019, 29 packages have been initiated. The objective of Go Digital is to reach 150 in 2020.

“Fit 4 Digital package costs €6,650 of which up to €5,000 can be financed by the Ministry of Economy.”

A day dedicated to e-commerce on March 5

Creating an online sales platform and offering products on it does not guarantee sales. On March 5th, Go Digital will take part in the E-Forum event which will demystify e-commerce and provide clear answers from experts and entrepreneurs in the field, with the aim of helping founders get off to the right start. It is aimed at both those who sell online and those who are considering doing so.

Meet at the Chamber of Commerce from 1:30 pm to 5:45 pm. The congress will be followed by networking. Of course, no digital tool can ever replace a handshake!

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