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New Incubator Launched By Vodafone And Technoport

The year is ending with some great news. On December 14, Luxembourg’s Prime Minister, Minister of State, Xavier Bettel, and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Étienne Schneider, announced the creation of a brand new “Joint Innovation Center” in Luxembourg by Vodafone and Technoport SA.
(Featured Image, sitting, from left to right: Ninian Wilson, CEO Vodafone Procurement Co SARL and Mario Grotz, President of the Board, Technoport SA, Ministry of Economy / Image Credit. Vodafone)

“This partnership means a lot to us,” says Diego De Biasio, CEO at Technoport. “We are very honored that Vodafone chose Luxembourg and Technoport to set up this project. It definitely means that Luxembourg is doing things right.” Ninian Wilson, CEO Vodafone Procurement Co SARL, says, “The innovation center creates a unique platform to help small companies go global. The environment in Luxembourg is ideally suited to supporting such activities in the ICT space.”

The goal of this new innovation center is indeed to host more mature startups and help them scale internationally by leveraging Vodafone’s strategic worldwide network of partners and resellers. The center should become operational in 2017. The Vodafone Procurement Company has been present in Luxembourg for almost 15 years and employs around 300 people today.

“I believe that this program will not just attract companies to the Center, but also around it. The impact for the whole ecosystem will thus certainly be bigger than just the activity of the Center,” concludes Diego De Biasio.

Standing, from far left to right: Patrick Nickels, President SNCI; Gaston Schmit, Vice-President Technoport SA, Ministry of Higher Education and Research; Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister, Minister of State; Étienne Schneider, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy; Sonia Hernandez, Group SCM Commercial and Services Director Vodafone Procurement Co SARL; Warrick Cramer, Head of Product Development, SCM Strategy & Innovation Vodafone Procurement Co SARL and Diego De Biasio, CEO Technoport SA.

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