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Putting Luxembourg On The Global Map Of Games And Interactive Media

This is the main objective of the new Luxembourg Games and Interactive Digital Media Association (GIDiMA) launched in May 2019.
by: Silicon Luxembourg
photo: Anthony BrolinUnsplash

The association aims to become a platform that represents the interests of the gaming community in the country by bringing together professionals, companies, investors, and public operators to work on the needs of the fast-growing industry of games and interactive media in Luxembourg.

To boost the sector in Luxembourg, GIDiMA is proposing:

– To build a unique ecosystem federating the Luxembourgish game and interactive digital media community ;

– To support its members by providing a sector-oriented network that allows them to exchange information, find innovative solutions and have a unique voice in public arenas ;

– To provide regular audits of the existing gaming landscape in Luxembourg

– To benchmark and adapt best practices;

– To play a key national role by giving structured feedback, proposing improvements and developing sector-approached solutions.

GIDiMA is keen to achieve its objectives by adopting a grass-roots approach that works in tandem with all relevant public and private organisations. The association would like to bring together as many actors as possible in order to have the broadest representation of the community. GIDiMA remains open to all individuals and organisations sharing this vision. A website will be soon launched in which online subscriptions will be available.

The association has been created by a group of experienced professionals active in this sector in Luxembourg including virtual reality and 3D simulation, game developers, game creators and digital media content specialists.

GIDiMA calls every participant of this sector to join the association and actively be a part of it. Contact info@gidima.lu for more information.

Founding members:

– Nima Azarmgin (COO, ioTech Studios) President
– Jeremy Flammang (Web developer, Reborn) Secretary
– Andrew Lockett (UX generalist, Tomia) Treasurer
– Gira Szakmár (CEO, EduGamiTec) Member of the board
– Javier Martinez Fabregas (Senior International expert on Institutional Communication) Member of the board

The article is sponsored by GIDiMa and reflects only the opinion of the author.

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