Reborn Adopts The Name Movify

Adrien de Pascal, Sophie Rota, Didier Chandelon, Louis Cornet, Julien Perera, Georges Jentgen (Photo © Movify)

In a strategic move driven by a commitment to consistency and unity, the organization, formerly known as Reborn, will now operate under the name Movify.

Following the acquisition of Reborn in March 2023, a participatory management approach was adopted, prioritizing teamwork and engagement with employees.

In the words of the CEO, Louis Cornet, “This name change was confirmed by our very own team members. In a highly participative approach, we were thrilled to find that 80% of employees approved of the name change. It’s a great testament to the dedication and involvement of both the Luxembourgish and Belgian teams, just six months after the merger of the two entities.”

This rebranding brings several notable advantages. Firstly, it simplifies the business message for a seamless and consistent client experience. Secondly, it unifies the team under a single banner, fostering a stronger sense of belonging and cohesion.

Eager anticipation accompanies this new chapter, as the organization continues to provide quality digital services, promote teamwork, and drive innovation.

Movify Acquires Reborn To Expand Its Expertise Internationally

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