Remich’s Startup Event: Expectations, Integration, And Innovation

Remich anticipates continued success in its sustainable startup events, driven by growing interest from residents and neighboring cities. Collaboration with CorpPearls in Berlin ensures a strong lineup of startups with a focus on sustainability.

What are Remich’s expectations for the startup event and its impact on the city’s development?

We are very pleased with the outcome of the two previous sustainable startups pitch events and have seen a growing interest from both, the inhabitants of Remich and from other cities in Luxembourg, and Germany. We expect that this trend will continue and Remich becomes a location which stands for innovation in sustainability.

As we have seen with the mini biosphere project from berlin-based startup Plattenbaum, which has presented its biosphere project at our event last October and which is now already to be found at the Parc “Jeannot Belling”, it is possible to integrate sustainable innovation in the city landscape.

How do you source startups for the event, and what selection criteria apply?

For the selection part we work close with Tobias Verlende from CorpPearls in Berlin, who is moderating the event since 2021. CorpPearls is a consulting firm for startup business and innovation and thus has the ideal connection to the startup ecosystem. Tobias sources the startups for the event. As we are focusing on sustainable solutions, the criteria to participate in the event is that the startup provides a service or offers a product in this area.

“We would be proud if Remich as well as the region could become a hub known for sustainability and green innovation.”

Jacques Sitz, Mayor of City of Remich

What specific outcomes do you anticipate from the event, and how do you measure success? What are the expectations and goals of collaborating cities, particularly Remich, for this event?

As mentioned before, we are happy if we can make the most of the event for our city and its inhabitants. We want to use the event and outcome to bring input to our inhabitants and new sustainable developments to our city. We would be proud if Remich as well as the region could become a hub known for sustainability and green innovation.

Can you describe the event’s practical flow, from registration to startup presentations and networking opportunities?

The invite we send includes short descriptions and the websites of the participating sustainability startups, so that everyone can see in advance which topic interests him / her most. During the event, the startups pitch in 3 minutes their solution or product to the audience, and after the pitching session, everyone has the chance and time to network with the startups. Since the first event we also have small stands for all startups where they can display their products or can be found for networking before and after the program. It´s like a small exhibition and the audience likes it very much.

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