Road To ‘Pitch Your Startup’: AIVA’s Testimony

The countdown is on. There are only a few days left to participate in the 2020 edition of the Pitch Your Startup competition. Here’s our interview with AIVA’s CEO Pierre Barreau who gives us some feedback and advice on to succeed.

What do you remember about this competition?

It’s a competition that is above all fun, thanks to its short format, so my memories of the pitch are very good. We were also able to meet the dynamic team of Docler Holding and visit their headquarters in Kirchberg. Having won the competition,, it’s hard to have bad memories of it! 🙂

What did the PYSU prize bring you? What has happened for you since then?

The Pitch Your Startup prize has been super important for us. We received it at the same time as our first big contract with one of our partners, but also before our first fundraiser. Concretely, it allowed us to seriously start recruiting to continue improving our technology, and also gave us a little more flexibility in our fundraising, as we had enough cash on hand to continue serving our customers.

What are your tips for preparing for and making a difference at such an event?

The format is very short, I would say:

1. Make it entertaining: make the pitch appealing to the audience.

2. Know your pitch and your subject at your fingertips. Being comfortable speaking in front of an audience helps make the speech much more intelligible to the audience. This fluency comes with practice.

3. Have fun: in this kind of event, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so don’t forget that it’s also supposed to be fun for us and our co-founders 🙂

Can you pitch your startup in 3 words?

AIVA is AI, personalized and music.

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Photo: Pierre & Vincent Barreau, co-founders of AIVA

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