Stuff Brauerei: Craft Beers Made In Luxembourg

A shared passion for craft beers and entrepreneurship inspired Joseph and Antoine to launch their own beer business in Luxembourg!

Photo: The co-founders plan to maintain the growth of the independent brewery  in Luxembourg and hope to expand internationally / Credits © Stuff Brauerei

When they first met, Joseph was studying brewery techniques in Brussels and was fascinated by the large choice of craft beers available locally. He regretted not being able to find a similar breadth of choice when going home to Luxembourg. Antoine, a banker and beer lover, was willing to switch careers and become an entrepreneur. Their shared dream of creating beers together is how the Stuff Brauerei was born.

The legal entity of the independent brewery, located in Steinsel, was created in 2015: the installations and 4 beer recipes were ready.

It took an additional year, lots of determination and motivation to get the final authorization from the administration to produce their own drinks. “At some point, seeing that nothing was moving forward, we asked to the House of Entrepreneurship for their support. Thanks to their help, we managed to finalize the project,” explained Joseph.

At the end of 2017, the “Grande Ducale” and three other beverages were finally produced. With their four beers ready, it was time for a new challenge: finding customers. On a small market full of big players and local bars with exclusive deals, this was no easy task. But nothing can stop entrepreneurs who love their product and strongly believe in it.

The two co-founders decided to take part at many events, music and beer festivals, local markets and slowly managed to get visibility and raise interest from local bars and restaurants. Their clients gave a warm welcome to those craft drinks and were happy to discover new tastes.

In 2019, they got their first big break when the independent brewery managed to sign a contract with a big supermarket in Luxembourg which significantly increased their production and revenue and allowed them to resign from their other jobs to dedicate themselves full-time to their growing business.

In 2020, following the pandemic induced crisis of the Horeca sector, their sales were heavily impacted. However, this not being their first challenge, they came up with a creative solution to save their sales: launching their e-shop.

Having learnt how to navigate crises and challenges, the entrepreneur beer lovers celebrated another great success by signing an agreement with an additional supermarket chain in April 2021.

Their ambition knowns no limits. The independent brewery plans to maintain its growth in Luxembourg and hopes to expand internationally: Italy and Germany recently started to order, and new opportunities just popped up in France!

Like in many successful business stories, motivation and dedication played a big role in their success. When starting a company, nobody tells you it will be easy and smooth, you have to be ready to fight for your idea and the survival of your company. However, according to Joseph and other entrepreneurs, the reward and self-satisfaction make it all worth it.

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