Talkwalker Announces Further AI-Integrations For Social Listening Tool

Lokdeep Singh, pictured, joined Talkwalker in January 2022 and was recently appointed CEO of the social listening company (Photo © Talkwalker)

The Luxembourg consumer intelligence company’s new integrations streamline the process of social listening and promise to significantly reduce time spent analysing data. 

As a market leader in gaining insights from consumer data, it was only a matter of time until Talkwalker announced new AI integrations to its solutions. Leveraging their in-house LLMs and Generative AI, Talkwalker now promises a range of new features delivering social data insights without compromising accuracy or relevance. 

“Imagine having your very own AI-driven analyst for real-time social and consumer insights. That’s precisely what our groundbreaking product innovations deliver.”

Christophe Folschette, Partner, and Founder of Talkwalker

Able to summarise vast amounts of posts and messages, users can now quickly identify the most important ideas, saving time combing through mountains of posts and avoiding alert fatigue. According to the press release it’s “the fastest and most accessible social listening product on the market”.

The magic behind it all: Blue Silk™ AI, which uses the company’s own NLP and Generative AI technology to enrich the data, categorise it fast, and surface the most actionable insights.

Working with over 3 000 brands, Talkwalker’s AI-enriched solutions promise to deliver new insights based on data from 30+ social networks, 150 million websites and 100 data partners. 

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