Teen Tech Expert Avanti Sharma Wins Women In Tech Europe Award

Avanti Sharma is pictured receiving the Aspiring Teen Award at the Women In Tech Europe Awards on 11 October 2023. (© Women In Tech)

The talented Luxembourg teenager, who is the pre-teen tech specialist at coding school Workshop4Me, was awarded the Aspiring Teen Award at Europe’s biggest women’s tech event.

Organised by global movement Women in Tech and hosted in Hôtel Potocki, Paris, on 11 October, the second edition of the awards acknowledged extraordinary tech innovations by women. 

“It’s time to bridge the gender gap in the technology industry by celebrating the remarkable women from around the world who innovate, inspire, and transform the sector as we know it,” says Ayumi Moore Aoki, founder of Women in Tech® Global Movement.

The 17-year-old from Luxembourg, who describes herself as “just an ordinary school student who plays the piano, loves running and hanging out with friends”,  told Silicon Luxembourg that she remains interested in technology because of the vast possibilities it offers.

“I think that everyone has a place in tech, whether you’re an artist, gamer, or just like the fun of programming,” she said, adding: “What I love most about this field are the countless applications that tech could be used for. Tech goes from being our personal assistant, to helping us connect with people across the world and even saves lives.”

Avanti Sharma is pictured with the other winners at the Women In Tech Europe Awards on 11 October 2023.

At a time when women and girls remain underrepresented in technology, Sharma said that the key to breaking technology misconceptions. She said: “Often, tech and the arts are considered polar opposites of the spectrum. In reality, digital art is on the rise and artists are in high demand. This is just one example of a common misconception in tech, but there are many more.”

Sharma will go on to compete in the Women in Tech global awards.

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