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Northern Ireland has a diverse, innovative and thriving start-up and SME tech community. There are clusters across data, digital and mobile technology, analytics, automation, cybersecurity, blockchain, machine learning and AI. Here are 10 of these companies active in the Benelux markets right now.


Ampliphae empowers companies to get serious about adopting SaaS to accelerate innovation. The SaaS marketplace is huge and specialised, meaning organisations are likely using hundreds of apps over and above well-known enterprise apps. Unfortunately, cloud-delivered SaaS means there isn’t total control over software, data and the risks involved. Ampliphae automation empowers organisations to understand the benefit-risk balance of the huge volume of SaaS and achieve the maximum benefit from SaaS through active management.

→ ampliphae.com

Analytics Engines

Powered by advanced technologies, Analytics Engines are the trusted data analytics partner to local and international customers across industry and the public sector. The company’s collaborative, creative team empowers organisations with market-leading data-driven insights that reduce complexity, optimise performance and build intelligence. They are specialists in data integration, data management, machine learning, AI, advanced analytics and visualisations.

→ analyticsengines.com


ANGOKA Limited is an IoT security company, headquartered in Belfast, with offices in London and The Hague. Angoka provides patented IoT Security solutions for managing cybersecurity risks inherent in machine-to-machine communications, such as those used in Smart Cities and Homes, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Industry 4.0 and National Critical Infrastructure.

→ angoka.io

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence is a RegTech provider who transforms how firms manage their unstructured data through their cloud-based governance, risk and compliance platform. This GRC platform is specifically designed to provide highly regulated Financial Services firms with unique insight into their data, allow them to report against their data holdings and mitigate their risk exposure through automated data governance.

→ automated-intelligence.com


Datactics specialises in self-service data quality and matching software designed for non-technical business users in financial services firms. The platform helps to eliminate roadblocks common in data management where firms are overly reliant on IT to interpret and hard-code rules into core systems. Solutions ensure compliance with data-driven financial regulations; deliver a true “single customer view”; and increase the accuracy, and reduce the cost, of AML & KYC functions.

→ datactics.com

Funds Axis

Funds-Axis is an investment management RegTech company, with a unique combination of regulatory expertise and best-of-breed technology. They take the complex challenges with risk, compliance and regulatory reporting and make them simple. They help to meet regulatory obligations at a lower cost, lower risk and in a shorter time frame. They also provide fully managed outsourcing services from their Belfast operations hub, enabling companies to transform their internal cost base.

→ funds-axis.com

Salt DNA

Whether you’re texting, calling, or accessing data from a mobile device, SaltDNA provides the tools to communicate globally with complete privacy. The SaltIM Private App empowers you to communicate within the confines of a completely secure network. With military-grade voice and messaging encryption, SaltIM prevents the monitoring of sensitive communications across public networks. The global solution offers unlimited international calling for anonymous mobile communications and supports true Off-The-Record (OTR) conversations. The Management Portal gives full control of the global mobile communications throughout a business.

→ saltdna.com


The Skurio Digital Risk Protection platform combines automated, round the clock monitoring of the surface, deep and Dark Web with powerful analytics capabilities for cyber threat intelligence. Skurio looks for cyber threats specific to an organisation, giving a single view of all data protection incidents and threats outside the network. Additional features help protect data across the supply chain with synthetic identities, and open APIs integrate valuable alerts into SOC and ITSM workflow systems to automate breach response.

→ skurio.com


Uleska is a scalable platform that provides automated and continuous software security testing whilst translating cyber risk without the need for more personnel. It orchestrates security testing to increase security coverage and scale across applications. The Uleska platform automates business risk reporting, allows issues to be identified and prioritised, and communicates security strategy value. These solutions are key for delivering continuous DevSecOps.

→ uleska.com

Vox Financial Partners

Vox FP is a global consulting firm that supports financial institutions in the planning, resourcing, and delivery of complex regulatory change. Managing change in business in an increasingly complex market is unsustainable without high quality, skilled specialists. Vox FP combines global banking and regulatory experience, well-trained consultants, and advanced technology to help global financial institutions successfully execute major change projects.

→ voxfp.com

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