Three Fit 4 Start Space Startups Move To Technoport

Three space tech startups and graduates from Fit 4 Start’s 10th Edition have set up their new offices in Technoport’s incubation program where they will continue their development and international expansion.

In recent years, Luxembourg’s space sector has seen a continued expansion, especially in the tech and startup scene. Fit 4 Start, one of Luxembourg’s leading accelerator programmes even added a Space vertical to their programme a couple of years ago.

Last year’s 10th edition saw five space startups participate in the accelerator programme, three of which have now been accepted into the official incubation program of Technoport. They are Celestial Space Technologies, OKAPI:Orbits and SPiN.

With these newcomers, Technoport’s space portfolio now consists of an impressive 16 hosted companies.

“We are pleased to be a support player of the expanding space sector in Luxembourg. The country has consolidated an effective space ecosystem, with several dedicated support measures for these companies, from partnerships with LSA and ESA, the Space Batch of the Fit 4 Start Acceleration Program, and the brand new ESRIC program. Technoport is an active partner of these programs and has become the reference incubator for space companies thanks to its vast network and activities in this sector”, said Olivier Zephir, Senior Business Advisor at Technoport.

Below are more details about the three newcomers

Celestial Space Technologies

Celestial enables data-driven industries to stay ahead of the increasing demands on telecommunication performance. Celestial develops innovative technology for space and terrestrial applications which include active array antenna and radar systems for applications in satellite communication, mobility terminals, and smart city 5G infrastructure across different industries.

In Luxembourg, Celestial’s technology will add to the ground segment product portfolio of the country, thereby adding value to the local ecosystem in exchange for its high potential growth offering.

“We think the extensive commercial ecosystem of companies in the space and ground segment, and the reputed local scientific institutions, provide many partnership opportunities and the national funding and space exploration vision offer significant growth potential for Celestial in Luxembourg.” remarked the Managing Director Johannes Schumacher.


OKAPI:Orbits developed the first ai-powered Space Traffic Management platform with a holistic, independent data base and actionable solutions for all stakeholders reaching from satellite operators to sensor operators, agencies, defence and insurance companies. The software includes automated collision avoidance services, constellation management, risk assessments and predictions to optimize operations, safe costs and valuable lifetime. OKAPI is happy to expand in Luxembourg to become a part of Europe’s leading space ecosystem.


SPiN is a leading provider of modularity solutions for the space sector, offering satellite integration solutions to transform satellites into modular systems: a service to design satellites in a flexible concept using model-based system engineering methodology and a plug and play intelligent data node adapter, the MA61C.

SPiN enables satellite manufacturers to spend high-value time and money where it counts: pursuing new ventures. SPiN has established a presence in Germany, UK, Italy, and Luxembourg. In the future, the company will carry out new space activities in collaboration with the Luxembourg Space Agency.

Silicon Luxembourg looks forward to keeping an eye on these three exciting startups and their future developments.

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