Three Local Startups Make Orange Fab Final

Barbara Fangille, Head of Communication at Orange Luxembourg (Photo © Orange Luxembourg)

Vizz, Virtual Rangers, and Urban Timetravel are representing the local ecosystem in the final phase of Orange Fab. The winner will be announced on 1 June.

For its fifth edition, Orange Fab wanted to explore the possibilities offered by VR and AR as well as any technologies related to the metaverse.

Open to startups active in Belgium and Luxembourg, the pre-selection phase chose the 6 most promising startups active in these sectors. The startups have until 1 June to prepare a pitch that will blow away Orange Fab’s professional jury and convinces them to take them on board. Impressively, Luxembourg startups made up half of the finalists.

“We are very proud to see Luxembourg so well represented at the end of this first selection phase,” explains Barbara Fangille, Head of Communication at Orange Luxembourg. “The quality of the applications received and the ideas put forward by the entrepreneurs reveal the existence of an incredible dynamic in the field of innovation in Luxembourg,” she added.

The winning startup will have the opportunity to partner with Orange, develop their startup and get in touch with first customers.

Meet The Finalists

Vizz is trying out all the technologies and concepts that make up the future metaverses: virtual reality, augmented reality, digital twin, NFT, Web 3.0.

Urban Timetravel uses virtual reality technologies to offer an immersive experience of history.

Virtual Rangers is a virtual reality creation studio which brings immersive vision to training, marketing and culture.

The three other selected startups come from Belgium. They are Poolpio, Nirli and withVR.

In its fifth edition already, Orange continues to support the thriving startup ecosystem in Luxembourg and Belgium. Its last collaboration with a Luxembourg startup was EmailTree AI, maybe on 1 June another local startup will hit the jackpot?

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