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Tiime Connects Social Impact Players

Tiime has been launched by a group of individuals representing multiple sectors – entrepreneurs, investors, CSR enthusiasts, academics and responsible consumers. It is an initiative dedicated to spur development, synergies and growth in the Social Impact domain in Luxembourg and beyond. We asked Hedda Pahlson-Moller, Cécile Sevrain and Michelle Penney to tell us more about this new initiative.

What is the purpose of Tiime?

Tiime is an initiative to connect social impact players across sectors to share knowledge and information:

  • Doers – Entrepreneur, Social Business, Social Innovator, and NGOs
  • Funders – Social Investors, Venture Philanthropists and Philanthropists
  • Supporters – Social Service Providers, CSR players, organisations and initiatives

The three of you are involved in the business angels community, why did you decide to join forces?

As a team who are all involved in business angel networks, we increasing see a mind-shift change in investors who want to know that their investments are “doing good” as well as generating meaningful financial returns. We joined forces as we are like-minded people, passionate about driving this mind-set change to ensure that impact is at the heart of everything we do.

What is social impact investment exactly? How is Luxembourg positioning itself?

Impact investing aims to generate specific beneficial social or environmental effects in addition to financial gain. They should have measurable impact and transparency. Impact investment has the potential to be the third way to deploy capital, alongside traditional investing models, and philanthropy, to address social and environmental issues.

In Luxembourg, a growing range of players are emerging in the social impact investment market to form an ecosystem consisting of social ventures, intermediaries and investors committed to addressing social needs. The government plays a key role in the ecosystem, and is working towards offering the choice to companies to be specific “Societe d’Impact Societal” by year end 2015. “It is time to take action” said Nicolas Schmit, Minister of Labour, Employment and Social economy, who has demonstrated his commitment to give to the social economy sector all the means to grow in Luxembourg.

Which projects do you invest in or accompany with?

Luxembourg has growing communities of social entrepreneurs, individuals, corporates and investors alike who are keen to see the continued development of the impact investment sector. TIIME will support each and every one of them.

We arrange coaching and training, networking, match-making, CSR programs and more. Contact us at info@tiime.lu to get involved !

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