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VivaTech 2018 – Day 2: Silicon Luxembourg’s 3 Startups of Interest

Day two at VivaTech proved as fun as the first. Check out Silicon Luxembourg’s 3 startups of interest.
(Photo © Silicon Luxembourg)

Sgnl is a South Korean startup that allows you to call and answer calls with your fingertips (featured image). Don’t believe it? Check the link above. Silicon Luxembourg had the chance to sit down with the Sgnl team at VivaTech and try it out ourselves. A special watch strap, interchangeable with almost any watch face, transfers vibrations into your fingertip so you can talk on the phone without having to pull out your phone. In other words, you can take your favorite watch and turn it into a phone with the Sgnl strap! The team is finishing their A round of funding and plan to tap into the American and Japanese markets first.

Find out more: mysgnl.com

This South Korean startup focuses on S-Paint, or Screen Paint, which can turn any glass surface into an HD screen. It requires no special skills or material, just the paint and a brush. The screen appears translucent but is capable of fully catching the projection. This paint can also be removed at any time in case there is no longer a need. The product is useful for retail, shopping malls, airports, and trade shows anywhere.

Find out more: spaintkorea.com

As stated on its website, the idea behind Wellve is a healthy, whole life full of experiences. Their products include a trackable dog collar that keeps a record of your dog’s health. This information can then be treated by the WellVe services and deliver the needed nutrition to your home on a regular basis. How’s that for innovation.

Find out more: wellve.co

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