WOOP Makes Its Return For A 2nd Edition

WOOP attendance at the 2019 edition (Photo © WOOP)

Held at the Maison du Savoir in Esch-Belval, this edition will address how climate change and technological innovation are transforming society. The event will take place on 27 September 2022.

Eager to keep things fresh, WOOP aims to shake up the regular programming of conferences by introducing more interactive elements. Among them, “battles” and “joutes oratoires”, two formats that will help introduce and deconstruct challenging ideas which are all assembled under the theme “Change & Act”.

A panel of experts will also be present. Instead of all holding similar views, however, one of them will represent a glass half full view while the other one will represent a glass half empty view. This approach aims to help audience members make up their own minds and see where they stand for themselves.

The public will also have a completely new role in this 2nd edition. Thanks to a dedicated application, they will be able to vote and will have the last word during the dynamic round tables, designed to bring out divergences and convergences, both cultural and political. 

Over the last two years, everyone’s lives have changed drastically. The programming of this year’s WOOP wants to reflect on how technology can help us manage this change for a desirable future. 

In 2019, the organisers wanted to know what place digital technology would take in our lives. Now, the question is more about what meaning it brings. To address these burning issues, five major themes will punctuate the day on 27 September: Trust, Management, Health, Territories and the Conquest of Space. 

For each of them, different formats and speakers will shed light on the subject and encourage debate. The famous presenter and columnist Audrey Pulvar will once again be present, hosting this day alongside very talented panellists.

For more information on the event see here. To sign up for the event see here.

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