Words From A Member: Alvaro Rezola (Wixdom)

Alvaro Rezola, CEO of Wixdom (Photo © Silicon Luxembourg/Stephanie Jabardo)

Wixdom is a newcomer to the LHoFT. CEO Alvaro Rezola tells us more about the company.

Can you pitch your startup in a few words?

Wixdom is an investment crowdfunding search engine that consolidates data from multiple platforms to offer transparent and independent information on thousands of startups. With our live Feed, users can stay updated. Our search filters make it easy to find the ideal startup for investment.

Why did you decide to create this company?

Our company was born from a research project we conducted during our Finance PhDs, leading the way in analyzing investment crowdfunding on multiple platforms. We successfully transformed our research into a user-friendly live market product for investors of all kinds. Through this work, we recognized that we were at the forefront of a rapidly expanding global market and realized our potential to influence the evolution of this new alternative finance ecosystem.

What are your product(s)/service(s) and your business model?

Wixdom, a SaaS platform, provides free Feed and Markets features. A premium subscription will offer advanced data & analytics, including real-time valuation benchmarks for startups & investment term analysis for investors. Gamification features will also be added. Monetizing the network would be achieved via the premium subscription.

How is your offering different from your competitors and other market players?

Wixdom has three edges of differentiation. First, we prioritize B2C, providing useful info for retail investors. Second, as a crowdfunding community-driven platform, we aim to become the primary channel for crowdsourced wisdom. Third, we’re research-driven, offering greater coverage and depth than other data providers.

Why did you decide to join the LHoFT?

Moving to Luxembourg to incorporate a fintech company, the LHoFT was a perfect fit. We gained visibility in the ecosystem by attending relevant events in Benelux. Moreover, the LHoFT team is committed to boosting entrepreneurship in Luxembourg, which motivates us daily to grow.

What’s next?

We’re launching the next version of our live product, expanding equity crowdfunding market coverage to top global platforms. Also, we’ll commence an intensive recruitment phase in Luxembourg, searching for computer and data scientists with an interest in entrepreneurial finance.

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