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10 FinTech Startups to Follow in Lorraine

Certified in 2015 by Métropoles French Tech, the Lorraine province has become a pivotal region in the French startup ecosystem over the course of three short years. In an effort to bring cohesion to this expansion, the Lorraine region has put a focus on two of the nine thematic networks offered as axes for provincial development: FinTech and IoT/Manufacturing. Check out Silicon Luxembourg’s panorama of FinTech startups that are shaking up the Lorraine region.

Nancy – +Simple is an insurance underwriting service for VSBs/SMEs. The startup developed a subscription and management platform for insurance plans and offers 100% digital and simplified processing as well as solutions designed for each profession.

Find out more: www.plussimple.fr


Nancy – Aston iTrade Finance is a platform for clients and suppliers–more particularly designed for companies, credit insurers, and financial institutions (such as banks and funds). The service speeds up short-term financing and optimizes companies’ long-term cash-flow. Aston iTrade Finance was elected the 2015 FinTech of the year by the Center for Finance and Innovation.

Find out more: www.astonitf.com


Ludres – Clementine has become the French national leader in digital accounting. The startups’ service can perform assessments by connecting an accountant to banks and suppliers in order to rectify an accounting situation in real time, and it does so without the daunting and time-consuming methods found in traditional accounting. Clementine gives added value to accounting by getting rid of the well-known “loss of time in tranfering accounting documents” with its update indicators, without using time-demanding methods.

Find out more: www.compta-clementine.fr


Nancy – Créditéo is a management real-estate credit simulator program created by experts in real-estate finance. It’s based on solving a simple problem: how can we speed up real-estate credit account processing?

Find out more: www.crediteo.co


Metz – Applicam works with companies and communities on tailored electronic money solutions. Applicam has at its disposal a unique savoir-faire the goes into action from conception to cultivation of electronic money solutions, both between banks and privately, and with multiple services and supports. Applicam is applicable to a financial institution certified by the Banque de France. It’s the Banque of France that produces, guaranties, and manages all financial flow.

Find out more: www.docapost-applicam.fr


Metz – Just Mining is aiming to become the first French platform to crack the mining market by offering innovative and impartial solutions. Its “impartial mining” solution is a simple and intuitive method that guarantees profitability for its investors. Just Mining has become an actor/promoter of Blockchain technology in prime expansion!

Find out more: www.just-mining.com


Nancy – PretUp is a financing platform falling under the crowdlending umbrella, designated for VSBs/SMEs and supported by funds provided by individuals. PretUp financing provides a way to finance the numerical transition of companies, as one example. For individuals, it’s a new type of investment with a remuneration ratio expected to be higher than traditional placements.

Find out more: www.pretup.fr


Metz – SESAMm is an innovative FinTech startup that designs and commercializes tools for scholarships based in social media and other textual data sources.

Find out more: www.sesamm.com


Metz – TRESORIO hopes to boost access to and power over Ethereum (cryptocurrency).

Find out more: www.tresorio.com


Nancy – Yeeld helps you save time on your projects without realizing it! Thanks to their personalized solutions (molded to the euro and optimal savings), you save money according to your needs and budget. Your savings then help finance future vacations or can be put directly on your Yeeld card for immediate spending.

Find out more: www.yeeld.fr

This panorama was established in partnership with LORnTECH, the métropole French Tech du Grand Est, unifying the Nancy and Metz metropolises and the conglomerations of Thionville and Epinal.
The original French version of this article was first published on Silicon Lorraine.
Photo by Stefan Steinbauer on Unsplash

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