4 Industry Startups from Day two of EBN Conference 2018

Silicon Luxembourg got the inside look on four interesting startups, some of which you may already know, who pitched at the Technoport–EBN Congress’ Industry competition. Check them out in order of appearance.

The Belgian startup, created five years ago, personalize products for customers by creating an end user interface to be downloaded directly on their clients’ websites (such as BMW, Philips). The customers can then personalize their products as they want. An interview of the CTO can be read here.

Find out more: www.twikit.com


This startup has invented a metal sheet cutting technology having the accuracy of laser with the costs of plasma. They call them a disruptive innovative company in the market, as the technology can greatly increase productivity value of industries. A marketable product is aimed to be ready in two years.

Find out more: www.akryvia.com


This Luxemburgish company manufactures a leading range of test equipment and also designs and builds bespoke test equipment solutions to the customers’ specifications. Incubated at Technoport, Vibrationmaster machines are now used in over 25 countries.

Find out more: vibrationmaster.com


This pitch was rather innovative as we heard a basilic plant, or rather a machine plugged to the plant, instructing us to pour water on it! Indeed, this Italian startup aims at creating a smart agriculture for small and medium farmers. They have developed a machine, with a specific algorithm, to be plugged into the soil that can detect diseases, humidity level. The machine then informs the farmers on the status of the diseases or any changes in their crops. The machine can be controlled directly via a smartphone.

(Image Credit © Silicon Luxembourg)

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