4 Space Startups from Day two of EBN Conference 2018

Silicon Luxembourg to the inside look on four interesting startups, some of which you may already know, who pitched at the Technoport–EBN Congress’ Space competition. Check them out in order of appearance.
Veoware Space

As this technology and data UK startup explained on stage, “value is in the details”. Hence, Veoware Space permits to give very high resolutions satellite imagery and intends to democratize satellite imagery for its customers, enabling the completion of complex projects, further data analytics and faster decision. Veoware Space calls itself disruptive as its proprietary technology and its technical concept enable the production of Very High Resolution (VHR) imagery data, which are the most difficult to generate. On top of that, those VHR imagery are delivered quickly and at a lower price than others. Why is that? “The key is that we fly lower than any others”.

Find out more: www.veoware.space


This Italian startup focuses on general aviation with the aim to increase safety for pilots and their passengers. They have developed an algorithm that analyses satellites information and can detect thunderstorms cells and give clouds information. Thanks to the information given to pilots, they can change their path and intentions in the course of their flights, which can in the end save lives.

Find out more: www.spaziofuturo.eu

Space Roasters

This startup came up with certainly the craziest idea of all, “an out of this world experience”, that is: roasting coffee beans… in space! It took a space engineer and a designer to create Space Roasters. You will be able to drink a cup of “Space Coffee” in 2020 in Dubai, where they intend to open a space theme café, that shall be more than just a coffee place but also a hub and platform to be inspired and get knowledge about space.

Find out more: roasters.space

Sensa Wild

This Luxemburgish startup created an Environment to Business to Consumer (E2B2C) wilderness platform to improve safety, environment protection and reinforce sustainable tourism in wilderness areas all over the world. The platform can be accessed via smartphones or via a small remote in areas where there is no smartphones coverage. Five naturals parks in Africa already collaborate with Sensa Wild.

(Image Credit © Anna Katina)
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