Aggu: How To Turn Motherhood Into A Business?

The experience of a life-changing event can create a business opportunity. Alejandra De Guzman, owner at Aggu, shares her story of how becoming a mother provided the inspiration for her to open the business.

What made you want to start this company?

Aggu started one year ago after my son Pablo was born. Looking for all the baby stuff I saw that most of the accessories for kids lack bright colors and design. The opportunity was there: to start Aggu and offer parents unique and innovative products with an amazing design. Aggu’s products are different: colorful, great designs and perfect quality. All the materials come from USA with baby safety standards.

What is the core idea of your business?

Motherhood is a unique and amazing experience. Aggu is a brand committed to make this experience easier by giving parents unique, innovative and highly functional products. Aggu focuses on products for babies and toddlers with the best design and quality. The main products are bibs, bandanas and changing pads.

Aggu is mom & babies!

What have been your major achievements to date?

One of my major achievements was to find distributors to sell my products so fast here in Luxembourg! Now I’m selling through an online boutique which sells toys, accessories and clothes for babies and kids from high quality brands. In addition I’m selling in Colombia through another distributor

How can people get more information?

For more information you can visit distributor’s web pages or through facebook/aggulux. Or contact me by mail [email protected]

Picture taken by; on the right Alejandra De Guzman, owner at Aggu, on the left Beatriz Rosas from Adorablecare

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