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A Luxembourg-based startup is launching a mobile recruitment application connecting job seekers and recruiters via video. The name of this app? Kliber. The co-founders have already convinced a large number of major companies based in Luxembourg which understand the rapidly evolving trends of technologies in their hunt for the best talent. Among them: Clifford Chance, BIL, Arendt & Medernach, Hôpitaux Robert Schuman, MNKS, Motorway Luxembourg, PwC Luxembourg. We asked Kliber’s co-founders, Nathalie Dondelinger and Jonathan Levi to further detail the concept.

What is the purpose of Kliber?

Kliber is a mobile-first service connecting job seekers and recruiters via video. It is an iPhone® app on the App Store® for job seekers and a web platform for recruiters.

How does the app work?

The app lets job seekers quickly setup a profile with essential information: experience, education and milestones. The user can search job openings by category or company name. He can apply to an offer by answering 4 questions via his front-facing camera. The applicant will get a push notification after the recruiter retains or rejects his application.

How did you come up with this idea?

Nathalie was facing three problems while searching for talent for her marketing company: an outdated CV, time-consuming interviews and the difficulty to reach the millennial generation. She reached out to Jonathan, who was working as a freelancer for her agency and had already helped build an iPhone® app a year before. Together, they started working on a concept that combined both the video and the mobile factors – a concept that later became Kliber.


What are the main issues Kliber is solving?

Kliber is solving Nathalie’s three main problems that she encountered as a recruiter herself. The service is bridging the gap between the traditional CV and the first interview. It offers a complete view of who the candidate is: essential text-based information (experience, education, milestones) and a first impression (four answers recorded via the front-facing camera).

What is your business model?

Kliber is currently free of charge. We plan to monetize on recruiter-side with a flat, monthly/yearly fee. Job seekers access Kliber for free. We cannot disclose more details as we are working on this part right now!

Who are your competitors?

Impress Me, HireVue, Match & Click.

On this market, what are your main assets?

We use video in two directions: recruiters pitch their openings and candidates apply via video. Also, the job seeker’s experience is entirely mobile – no desktop computer required.

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