Date of creation:

April 2016


c/o Technoport
Rue du Commerce
L-3895 Foetz


Phone number:

+352 54 55 80 470


Social networks:


Capital Stock:


Funds Raised:

550 000 € (seed)
Round A in process




Kevin Lee – Hunz Lee – Lisako Funato



Job Offers:


Field of activity:

APS is a security company specialized in smart cards with enhanced security features. Recognizing the global problem of fraud attempts and challenges in financial and reputational damages for issuers, APS has built a solution that provides profound fraud protection. APS created a highly secured credit/debit card with an e-paper screen, battery, NFC and Bluetooth that connects to a smartphone with available options of dynamic CVC code.

Elevator Pitch:

World`s smartest and safest payment card! APS created a highly secured credit card with an e-ink screen connected to your smartphone with a dynamic CVC code. The user activates and de-activates the credit card from the smartphone. When de-activated, no information is displayed on the card which protects the data of the card and prevent fraud. The complex supply and production chain of the company ensures a price which is at least 50% lower than competitors.


Development and manufacturing of display cards with enhanced security features.

Business Model:

APS sells directly to banks and manufacturers worldwide. Also we work with partners and distributors to accelerate our growth.


Accelerate growth in Europe and Japan and enter new markets in the coming year. Also in the coming months, we will be introducing new product lines.

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