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Beer is one of the oldest and most widely consumed alcohols. The beer industry has a rich history filed with tradition. But changes are brewing in the industry! These are the most innovative concepts in the beer industry today.

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Hungary – Brewie is a fully automated home brewing machine that takes care of every single step of the brewing process. The device allows users to brew their own beer right at home. – Discover more at brewie.org


Germany – Craftbeermarket.de is a marketplace for fans of craft beer. Creative brewers can sell their production online right to the end user/drinker! – Discover more at craftbeermarket.de


France – Digifood delivers you beer and sandwiches during events, such as football games or exhibitions. Thanks to this startup’s app, you no longer have to leave your seat or stand in line for a beer! – Discover more at digifood.fr


China – iGulu is an automatic home brewing device whose processes can be tracked, monitored and controlled via an LCD screen user interface right on the machine, as well as with a mobile app. – Discover more at igulu.com


United Kingdom – IntelligentX’s beer is brewed with the help of artificial intelligence. The recipe changes upon receiving customer feedback that is interpreted by an algorithm. – Discover more at intelligentx.ai


South Korea – Letsee uses augmented reality to give you instant access to product reviews when you point your smartphone’s camera at a label… think of it as the Shazam of beer. – Discover more at letsee.io


United States – Only 10% of the ingredients used to brew actually end up in your glass. ReGrained makes granola bars using spent beer grains. Eat your beer! – Discover more at regrained.com


Luxembourg – The Belgian Brewery is a beer kit containing all the materials and ingredients needed to brew craft beer right at home. – Discover more at thebelgianbrewery.com


United States – Untappd is a mobile web app that allows people to share brews that they are currently enjoying, find nearby bars and craft beer, discover beer trends…it’s a social networks for beer lovers! – Discover more at untappd.com


Israel – WeissBeerger brings big data to the beverage industry. It provides suppliers with information on consumption trends, beer quality, bar inventory, and bars with real-time consumption monitoring. – Discover more at weissbeerger.com

This article was first published in SILICON

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