Building Real Estate On Digitization With kodehyve

The Luxembourg startup helps promoters and agents improve their business processes with a collaboration tool powered by Amazon Web Services.

Photo: Felix Hemmerling and Julien Casse, co-founders of kodehyve / Credits © Kaori Anne Jolliffe / Silicon Luxembourg

kodehyve has launched its real estate collaboration tool in Luxembourg and abroad, to help contractors and agencies digitize their internal and external processes. The platform combines property, customer and project management functionalities and can be accessed using a Web browser.

The application modules are powered by Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of Amazon that specializes in cloud-based web infrastructure and services. “Our past experience in Fintech and Regtech industries has shown that business processes and customer experiences in organizations and SMEs are still far from effective and remain poorly digitized,” says Felix Hemmerling, CEO and one of the startup’s co-founders.

Latest technologies to least advanced sectors

“Our objective is to bring the latest digital technologies to the least advanced sectors in digitalization. Our tools can help small and medium-sized companies improve their process efficiency, by providing tailor-made solutions.”

Together with Julien Casse – kodehyve’s CTO –, Hemmerling chose to build and develop the collaboration tool for the real estate industry. Both noticed that the sector still operates with traditional processes and practices.

“When buying a property under construction, clients can follow the progress of their project at any time, while remaining in direct contact with the promoter.”

The tool targets promoters and real estate agents, and aims to replace inefficient workflows in areas such as communication and documentation management. “All stakeholders in a real estate project are able to communicate via our platform, and exchange information seamlessly,” says Hemmerling. According to Casse, promoters could save about 1/2 a man-day, depending on the chosen modules and features.

Whilst helping contractors and agencies with document storage, the tool also brings more communication transparency to end customers: “When buying a property under construction, clients can follow the progress of their project at any time, while remaining in direct contact with the promoter.”

Additional modules such as billing, electronic signature and Know Your Customer (KYC) features are available. The data is hosted via the cloud on Amazon’s servers: “Customers know where their data will be hosted: In the European Union only, and more specifically Ireland,” Casse says. “And when it comes to security, we are powered by AWS. We therefore benefit from their best practices and highest security monitoring.”

Today, the platform is in its commercialization phase in Luxembourg and abroad. In 2021, kodehyve plans to roll it out in cities with a dynamic real estate market – such as Munich, Berlin, Zurich and Geneva – and to make it evolve based on their customers’ needs.

Founded in May 2020 and headquartered in Luxembourg, the company specializes in building collaboration tools to enhance business processes, as well as IT advisory services.

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