EdTech Startup Hackages Is Targeting Luxembourg

Belgian company Hackages continues its Benelux expansion and is now targeting Luxembourg. Over the last three years, the company has proven its IT expertise in training, product development, consultancy and community events organization. The team consists of 20 software engineers specialized in different technologies such as JavaScript, C#, .NET Core, Java and DevOps.
by: Charles-Louis Machuron
photo: Hackages
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Tell us about your startup.

Hackages is an EdTech company aimed at helping software engineers and developers stay up-to-date on web and mobile technologies. We are based in Brussels and Amsterdam, but our growing team is always on the road organizing meetups within communities and offering trainings.

How did you come up with the idea?

Hackages began out of free meetups that were being organized by our CEO, Davy Engone, who was then a consultant in Belgium. He liked meeting with fellow developers to code together and share knowledge after work. This helped attendees stay updated about what was happening in the technological ecosystem.

He started to offering coaching sessions in companies he was working at, and realized that there was a need for continuous education and learning to stay up-to-date. Hackages was born then in September 2016 and has been focusing on education ever since.

“Put simply, our clients are those tech profiles wanting to learn and boost their skills and projects :)”

What are your products and services?

Hackages offers a range of products and services aimed at supporting the technological needs and development of teams and individuals. Education and sharing best-practices is at the core of its services.

At Hackages, we offer:

  • Trainings for web and mobile developers. With a big focus on JavaScript and its ecosystem, we offer sessions for developers with programming experience to learn the fundamentals of JavaScript, but also React, Angular or VueJS. We also teach Docker and Kubernetes, two latest technologies.
  • Product Development: we have our own in-house projects where we start from an idea and deliver a final product, but we also help clients realise their own ideas. Our team of experts can help in part of the process or be part of it from beginning to end
  • Coaching and consultancy: we support teams in-house or remote with their ongoing projects, and coach their teams in the process so the project can continue without us when we leave. Our consultancy services vary from an extra pair of hands on a project to advice on architecture or code reviews.
  • Texidi: a new brand powered by Hackages focusing on education for tech recruiters.
  • A formal training, supported by weekly blogs and podcasts to help new recruiters understand and navigate the IT landscape.
What is your business model?

Our business model is based on the services mentioned above. We’ve not received any funding from investors or VCs.

“We want to continue spreading our knowledge and strengthening the community we are building.”

Who are your clients?

We work with different clients and profiles. We organise trainings and offer consultancy services for companies (both big and small), as we step in whenever their IT teams are looking to boost their skills.

As we also offer trainings open to the public in different cities around Europe, we also have freelance developers in our clients’ portfolio. Put simply, our clients are those tech profiles wanting to learn and boost their skills and projects 🙂

What’s next?

We want to continue spreading our knowledge and strengthening the community we are building, especially with our new space: the Hackages Lab in Brussels. We also want to grow our presence and expertise in Luxembourg and The Netherlands.

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