E-learning Platform neonacademy.io Is Bringing Marketing, Media and Business Education For All

Luxembourg-based tech company neon marketing technology is taking digital marketing and business trainings online. We asked co-founders Michel Strotz and Karim Youssef to tell us more about their new e-learning platform.

Photo: Karim Youssef and Michel Strotz launched neon academy / Credits © neon marketing technology

Tell us more about neon.

Neon is a team of young entrepreneurs aiming to inspire and enable people to position themselves in the digital world. At the moment, we run three operations: our agency in Luxembourg neon marketing technology, our marketing SaaS toolbox neontools.io, and our e-learning platform neon academy which we’ve just launched. Through the combination of these three services, we help our clients improve their online presence and make them more independent in terms of digital marketing.

You have just launched your e-learning platform. How did you come up with the idea?

Over time, we have noticed that traditional education struggles to equip students with the real-world skills they need in the modern workplace. Technology, best practices, and tools are changing so fast so that it is extremely difficult for universities and traditional learning systems to keep up. Self-education and the commitment and willingness to learn new skills have become indispensable in today‘s world. Therefore we believe that education needs an update.

Through our agency, we have been giving offline courses in Luxembourg for a few years now. Due to the pandemic, these courses have become more difficult to hold in person. During the lockdown, we started digitizing our most important training sessions and wanted to launch them as an MVP (minimum viable product) on third-party platforms. It was at this time when one of our web partners (MTC S.A.) inspired us to pivot and build an entire platform instead of only publishing courses.

We went on to analyze the trends in the education sector, furthered our market research, and realized quickly that this was the right thing to do for us.

What is the neon academy about?

The neon academy is about helping beginners to get started with a project, land a job or just improve their current work performance. It is about providing knowledge that is in line with real-world demands – we will teach the practical skills needed in today’s business and marketing world.

To ensure a variety of topics and expertise, courses will not only be held by us, but also by selected industry experts with proven track-records in the fields of videography, photography, podcasting, e-commerce, and other important domains.

“We are currently in talks with many talented professionals and are looking forward to growing our community”.

Neon academy courses also include quizzes that tap directly into the communicated knowledge and challenge participants. Successful completion of a course will provide students with certificates signed by neon that can be used in the job market.

The neon academy also offers digital classrooms – course-specific forums where students can exchange and ask questions to teachers and other students.

What do you expect from it?

We expect the courses in the neon academy to represent a standard of quality that is accepted and appreciated among the business community. In combination with our online marketing toolbox neontools.io, we’re currently building an ecosystem that will help digital entrepreneurs, startups, and marketers to learn the tools and mindsets needed in today’s workplaces and economy.

Our vision is to become a hub for creative exchange, professional knowledge, as well as a provider of state-of-the-art online marketing tools for modern businesses and digital creators. An all-in-one solution for tomorrow’s business challenges.

What’s next?

The first lessons available on our new platform are neon’s beginner course – “Online Marketing Fundamentals”, as well as a course on Facebook™ and Instagram™ advertising by neon co-founder Karim Youssef.

The next step is to produce and release more courses in the coming months. We are currently in talks with many talented professionals and are looking forward to growing our community.

We have grown our team significantly this year. We are now looking to keep up the pace, build new products and offer better services so we can achieve our goals in the coming years: making the world a better place through education, marketing, and technology.

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