EmailTree Raises €2.5 Million

EmailTree is one of Luxembourg’s highly successful high-tech companies (Photo © Kaori Anne Jolliffe / Silicon Luxembourg)

After a last year’s impressive fundraising round of €1.4 million, EmailTree steps it up another notch to secure €2.5 million. The funds will go towards sales and marketing and support the continued development of their hyperautomation solution.

What started out as a simple solution designed to improve automated email responses has quickly grown into something bigger. While CEO Casius Morea claims that they “are still finding their niche under the sun,” their most recent outcome of their fundraising suggests that investors are more than happy to go along with their current trajectory.

Designed for any company dealing with daily “incoming requests through written channels” – so basically everyone – EmailTree’s powerful AI solution appears to be adapting its solution to more than just emails.

In a recent interview with Silicon Luxembourg, Casius Morea already stated that they were working hard on integrating “the most used CRM and email applications” and that they were also “working on some new features.”

Instant Messaging And Social Media

While these ‘new features’ were not yet known at the time, the CEO’s most recent comments suggest that instant messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp as well as social media platforms are next in line to get the startup’s AI treatment.

With the use of machine learning and natural-language processing, EmailTree can already extract messages’ meaning, compose emails and automate certain tasks such as creating invoices.

Having an extra €2.5 million to develop their solution will no doubt bring a whole range of innovative new features.

For a startup that has only been working on this solution for around two years, EmailTree has already come a long way. Indeed, with Orange Luxembourg and BWM Mediasoft – a long-time official Electronic Software Distribution partner of Microsoft – as its clients, EmailTree is well set to continue its impressive trajectory.

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