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emon, The First IoT Cloud Application In Luxembourg

RMS.lu, a company specialized in mobile applications and solutions, launches emon, the first Internet of Things application in the cloud of Luxembourg. With the help of sensors emon measures real time data such as temperature, humidity and energy consumption (power, access, presence, brightness, Air, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, etc). Thanks to emon’s collected data companies can automatically adapt their energy consumption and save money. Moreover it will help energy consultants to be more accurate and faster when handing out the required passeports énergétiques for newly constructed buildings.
A higher quality of life at work

The application was developed in just three months. With the practical assistance of a local Microsoft software engineer, emon was ported to the Microsoft Azure cloud. “We used our own offices as the test site for our application”, explains Olivier Wagener, software engineer at RMS.lu. “emon monitors our overall energy consumption. Based on the collected data we let in fresh air when necessary, turn down the heating automatically, switch the lights on before working becomes uncomfortable and save on energy costs.”

“All sensors transmit their data wirelessly to the cloud application. Anyone with a browser and the password can consult the aggregated data.”

With real time data and historical analysis, energy consultants and facility managers are able to base their findings on objective measurements. Companies will be able to augment their employees’ quality of life at work by creating a more comfortable environment in real time. “The installation of emon doesn’t require any demolition or rebuilding thanks to a new generation of Internet of Things sensors from companies such as EnOcean and Sigfox”, adds software engineer at RMS.lu, Pierre Lotin. “All sensors transmit their data wirelessly to the cloud application. Anyone with a browser and the password can consult the aggregated data.” They are no limits on the number of simultaneous measurements, even works on existing networks.

“emon is indeed a spearhead for the optimization and analysis of the energy consumption of buildings, as well as other parameters such as air quality” says Carlo Posing, Director of RMS.lu. “One of the essential elements of this solution is that it does not use any battery to satisfy the sending of the data. Indeed, based on the physical properties, our devices are autonomous in energy for their operations. The installation of an emon infrastructure is, and will always be extremely simple.”

emon put into practice with 1nergie

Customers can use emon for a monthly fee based on the number of sensors connected to the application. Energy consultant company 1nergie already put emon into practice.

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