Etienne Schneider Joins Ilavska Vuillermoz Capital

Etienne Schneider (fromer Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy)

The former deputy prime minister and former economy minister brings a lot of international experience and a large network to the fast-growing private equity company.

As a longstanding member of the Luxembourg Socialist Workers’ Party (LSAP), economist for the LSAP parliamentary group and project leader with NATO, Etienne Schneider joins other advisory board members with an almost equally impressive CV.

These include Serge de Cillia (Banque générale, ABBL, CSSF, Fondation de Luxembourg), Jessica Holzbach (co-founder of Penta), Tom Loesch (International Bar Association, LPEA and ILA) and Klaus Ulrich.

“IVC is a fast-growing private equity firm, unique in Luxembourg, founded by Luxembourgers. I am excited to be part of this dynamic team and to contribute to the development of the company in the future,” said Etienne Schneider. 

Founded in 2019 by co-founders Laurent Hengesch and Alain Wildanger, IVC is known for its long-term and positive investment approach. Its portfolio mainly includes fintechs such as Investify, N26 or Solaris. 

“Etienne brings a wealth of experience in the field of international venture capital. He has been one of the main drivers for the development of the venture capital and space industry in Luxembourg. Etienne will support us in further developing our company with his international network,” commented co-founder Laurent Hengesch.

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