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Exclusible Combines Luxury And NFTs To Raise €2.2M

Exclusible, a platform for digital luxury goods of select brands aims to take exclusivity to the next level by allowing its customers to buy, trade and showcase exclusive branded NFTs. It has just announced the closing of its €2.2 million seed round and has prominent backers such as Tioga Capital, White Star Capital and Indico Capital Partners.

Image Credits: Exclusible

In a market overflowing with cheap knockoffs and unconvincing replicas, exclusivity is king. Exclusible, the platform that aims to bring luxury brands to the NFT space knows this.

Capitalising on the growing demand and interest in NFTs (non-fungible tokens) – an increasingly popular way to certify digital assets via blockchain as unique and non-interchangeable – Exclusible aims to attract both NFT enthusiasts and traditional luxury buyers. This will allow users to pay with both cryptocurreny as well as regular fiat means of payment such as credit cards.

Exclusible wants to enable collectors to get access to limited-edition NFTs and experiences issued by the world’s most desirable luxury brands by focusing on four verticals: supercars, watches, fashion and jewelry. With over $1.2B sales in July this year, the market for NFTs appears ready for the taking.

“We are convinced that a progressive migration of our digital social life to the Metaverse will happen, and that traditional brands will want to be present in this space. That will be especially true for the Luxury industry, given the importance of their brand equity,” said Thibault Launay, co-founder, CEO and experienced NFT collector.

“The stellar team at Exclusible have found a unique positioning in this market by focusing on luxury.”

Backing blockchain

The main backers of Exclusible’s seed round which raised €2.2 million include Tioga Capital, White Star Capital and Indico Capital Partners. Several business angels also joined the cause, including Formula E drivers’ champion António Félix da Costa and driver Mitch Evans through APEX Capital.

“We believe Thibault and the stellar team at Exclusible have found a unique positioning in this market by focusing on luxury – where scarcity is paramount to the offering. We are looking forward to further partner with the team in this growth journey ahead of us”, said Nicolas Priem, Managing Director at Tioga Capital.

Exclusible’s platform will include incentives such as gamification and social elements that will allow users to share their NFTs and build communities around brands.

Having signed letters of intent with high-end designers and plans to launch later this year with a number of luxury brands, co-founders Thibault Launay and Romain Girbal are now putting all their efforts into preparing the platform for launch in Q4 of this year.

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