Expansion Plans For Dudelange Innovation Hub

Dan Biancalana, mayor of the city of Dudelange (Photo © Stephanie Jabardo / Silicon Luxembourg)

The Dudelange Innovation Hub is to expand its space 50% over the next 6 months and to double in size within two years, thanks to growing demand from greentechs.

The dedicated incubator, which is hosted on the former ArcelorMittal site and future Neischmelz eco-district, first opened its doors in 2018. 

Today it hosts 11 startups offering innovative eco-technology solutions, with a twelfth joining shortly, bringing them to capacity. 

“It shows that there’s a lot of traction and that’s what we want. We want people to understand there’s a big concern about climate change and we should all be working on it,” said Martin Guerin, Luxinnovation advisor. 

He added: “Within six months we will increase our surface 50% and hopefully we will double in the next two years.”

The hub offers tenants a number of incentives, including competitive rates and collaborations with the commune of Differdange, which sponsors the initiative, with the support of Luxinnovation and Technoport. 

On the sidelines of the open day, mayor Dan Biancalana told Silicon Luxembourg that 15 years ago the commune first took steps to improve the energy efficiency of public buildings through a massive renovation programme.

“In the last five years, we invested €6.8 million in renovating public buildings to reduce energy consumption,” he said, adding: “We know that in some parts it resulted in energy savings of 10 to 15%. So it’s quite a lot.”

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