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Find The Perfect Investor In Minutes Not Months With Unicorn Nest

To celebrate the official launch of their company in Luxembourg, Unicorn Nest is giving Luxembourgish startups free access to their startup-investor matchmaking platform until the end of the year.

Raising funding is an extremely time-consuming process. By the time startup founders walk into their first pitch meeting they will have likely spent hundreds of hours looking through endless lists of VCs to find potential investors. The team behind Unicorn Nest—a team of seasoned investors and entrepreneurs—knew about this challenge from personal experience. To solve this, they decided to come up with a solution to help founders fast-track the research phase of the fundraising process and build their startup’s investment funnel within minutes, rather than months.

“We have developed an advanced ranking algorithm that picks the most relevant probable investors for each startup based on the analysis of similar deals in the market”, explains Denis Dovgopoliy, CEO and Co-founder at Unicorn Nest. The novel startup-investor matchmaking platform suggests the most relevant investors from a comprehensive, verified, and continuously updated dataset of over 39,000 funds. The recommendations are made using state of the art machine learning technology that matches startup-specific criteria with up-to-date information scraped from multiple sources including VC data providers, fund websites, and social media networks.

“We want to contribute to the local economy and give Luxembourg an advantage. We would like to give this gift to our fellow startup founders.”

There is no need for startups to spend hours sifting through lists of VCs, analysing their deals and trying to find out which industries and rounds they invest in—the Unicorn Nest algorithm does it all in a matter of minutes. After answering a few simple questions about their startup in order to narrow down the search, users get access to a personalised list of funds that are most likely to consider an investment. The funds are ranked in order of preference and the list also includes the names and contact details of the relevant decision makers. Aside from using the tool to obtain a list of recommended investors, startups can also use the platform to run simulations to inform strategic decisions like idea headquarter location or target industry. A one-off fee is charged for each query.

The Unicorn Nest platform is designed for startups looking to raise a $2-20 million investment round. It can be applied to any industry and geographical location, but Unicorn Nest is keen to focus on startups based in Europe in order to boost the growth of the European entrepreneurial ecosystem.

As a Luxembourg-based company, Unicorn Nest has decided to launch a special deal for Luxembourg’s founders and entrepreneurs: until the end of the year (31/12/2020), Luxembourg’s startups can use the Unicorn Nest service with unlimited downloads completely free of charge. “Now that we are established in Luxembourg, the country will become a home for our team of developers and for their families, so we want to contribute to the local economy and give Luxembourg an advantage”, says Valeria Temple, Head of Enterprise Division at Unicorn Nest. That’s why we would like to give this gift to our fellow startup founders.”

If your startup is based in Luxembourg and if you want to benefit from this incredible offer, all you need to do is visit Unicorn Nest‘s website, register using your personal LinkedIn account, and run your query. Within just a few minutes you will receive a highly relevant list of investors who you can start reaching out to in order to secure your next round of funding.

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