Words From A Member: Dennis Rossbach (SYBX Group)

Dennis Rossbach, Founder & CEO of SYBX Group (Photo © SYBX Group)

SYBX Group has joined the Silicon Luxembourg Founders Club. Founder & CEO Dennis Rossbach tells us more about the company.

A few words about you?

The SYBX Group was founded in 2019 to digitise the Procurement departments and support companies of any size with a vast experience in Procurement and Supply Chain Management for more than ten years. For more cost-efficient, easier processes and less time-consuming tasks.

What are the main pillars of your company?

Consulting: We help achieve saving goals and let your company focus more on strategic tasks and managing your suppliers, including contract negotiations, simplifying processes, and digitising.

Technology: We know Procurement. So, we know what you need. Developing web-based tools without installing the next software to smoothen your processes like KYC, KYS, AML, etc.

Technologies like Machine Learning, AI, and general automation are in the pipeline. Supplier Risk Management was never easier.

Why did you want to join the Founders Club?

Of course, to widen the network and spread knowledge with like-minded people and companies. And to learn from peers. But, to show that Procurement, especially in these times today, is crucial to every company and that such tools like we, the SYBX Group, implement are not rocket science and have the pricing like a journey into space.

What are the predictions of your industry?

We see new challenges to tackle almost every day regarding Procurement and Sourcing activities, how to do business, and with whom. For example, sanction files are getting updated every day, and who should monitor this? Also, a look into the near future shows that from 2023 on and following years, almost every company will have a legal obligation to secure their supply chains better and monitor their suppliers, customers and partners. Therefore, it is now the time to implement a tool for Supplier Risk Management that is also highly adaptable to the needs of, e.g., banks, lawyers, and tax advisors. Especially nowadays in Luxembourg. (Source)

We have your back. In June 2022, the SYBX Group will launch such a tool which is new in Luxembourg. Stay tuned.

If you are interested in joining the Founders Club, you can find more information on our Memberships page. Contact our team today to join the network.

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