Gonuggets And Nordgreen Partner For Global Marketplace Expansion

Gonuggets was founded in 2022 by Mamoun Benkirane and Mekki Mouaddeb, pictured (Photo © Gonuggets)

Gonuggets has formed a strategic partnership with Nordgreen, a visionary brand committed to sustainability, to expand Nordgreen’s presence on global marketplaces.

Gonuggets, an e-commerce operating system, simplifies marketplace operations for brands, allowing them to focus on product development. The partnership aims to leverage Nordgreen’s purpose-driven design and Gonuggets’ expertise to achieve growth and make a positive impact in the e-commerce space.

Gonuggets, founded by experienced leaders in the e-commerce industry, simplifies the complexities of selling and growing on marketplaces, enabling brand owners to focus on product development and direct-to-consumer channels. Nordgreen, a visionary brand committed to sustainability, creates timeless products with a purpose, exemplified by their recent B Corp certification and zero-footprint goal. The collaboration between Nordgreen and Gonuggets is expected to unlock new growth opportunities, reach a wider audience, and create a positive impact in the e-commerce landscape through their shared vision and Scandinavian design.

We contacted Mamoun Benkirane, the co-founder of Gonuggets, to learn more about this strategic partnership.

“We only work with brands that ambitions to grow at least 100x in the coming years.”

Mamoun Benkirane, Co-founder of Gonuggets

How will Gonuggets’ e-commerce operating system facilitate Nordgreen’s brand expansion on global marketplaces, starting with Europe?

Gonuggets’ operating system takes care of all the complexities of selling and growing on marketplaces worldwide. This will enable Nordgreen to focus on their core strengths of building exceptional products while Gonuggets handles the operational aspects of marketplace expansion.

How will Gonuggets’ vertical operating system contribute to Nordgreen’s rapid sales growth and increase profits without requiring extensive marketplace management efforts?

With automation and algorithms at its core, Gonuggets’ operating system actively identifies growth opportunities and implements strategic actions to drive brand growth. This means that Nordgreen will benefit from the system’s ability to continuously optimize sales channels, target and launch new markets, and enhance overall performance.

In what ways does Nordgreen’s commitment to sustainable design align with Gonuggets’ vision, and how will this partnership help Nordgreen reach a wider audience and make a greater impact in e-commerce?

We only work with brands that ambitions to grow at least 100x in the coming years.

By partnering with Nordgreen, a brand that is driven by a commitment to inspire awareness and action around environmental and social challenges, Gonuggets will further promote sustainable and purposeful design in the e-commerce space.

By leveraging Gonuggets’ expertise and operating system, Nordgreen will expand its presence on various marketplaces, starting with Europe and eventually globally. This increased visibility will allow Nordgreen to connect with more customers who share their values and appreciate sustainable design, thereby furthering their mission of inspiring change through Scandinavian design.

Together, we will amplify the message of sustainability, reach new heights in the e-commerce space, and contribute to a positive future.

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