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The culinary ordering platform intends to differentiate itself via its algorithm that reduces delivery times and pays delivery drivers a fair value.

Photo: Goosty’s co-founders employ about forty delivery people, freelancers and students / Credits © Goosty

The idea emerged in March 2020. Stuck at home, Alexandre Roderich, Alexandre Mithouard, two serial entrepreneurs, and Hadrien Branca, a former cook and chef de partie, could no longer stand waiting for their meals, ordered on traditional delivery sites, and eating them almost lukewarm or cold when they arrived.

“It can take an hour from the time the order is placed to the time the pizza arrives, because the delivery drivers receive several orders at the same time. And, if the customer is last in line, he’s guaranteed to receive a cold dish,” they regret.

So they decided to develop Goosty, a delivery app that reduces waiting times to a minimum.

Initially, they wanted to create cloud kitchens, i.e. catering only in professional kitchens, without service rooms. However, the project turned out to be too ambitious and capital-intensive.

Determined to help restaurant owners who were closed due to the pandemic, they opted for the app, a technology they felt was not yet well developed in this segment in Luxembourg.

The timing of the launch is perfect: end of November 2020.

To deliver as quickly as possible, the chosen concept was simple: “Unlike our competitors, we organize a single order per delivery person. This way, the dish keeps its quality and freshness,” explains Alexandre Roderich. “The goal is to deliver it as quickly as possible and to ensure a quality service.”

To guarantee this quality of delivery, the three partners insist on good manners, politeness and the dress code of the delivery men.

“The goal is to deliver it as quickly as possible and to ensure a quality service.

Fair remuneration

And to make sure they get their money’s worth, with only one order per trip, Goosty has chosen to pay more than the market: “It can be up to 10€ per order depending on the distance,” Roderich explains. “If he delivers 3 orders per hour, the remuneration will be fair for him.

“We also make our business model available to anyone who has a car and wants to earn money.”

The platform chooses its driver according to his or her availability and proximity to the restaurant. The driver closest to the restaurant will be assigned the order.

The customer can follow the route of his order in real time.

“This mobile app is our biggest differentiator from our competitors, who still only have a website,” insists Alexandre Roderich. “Apps are really in the air, they reach more young people, and the user experience is by far the best.

Goosty currently collaborates with over sixty partner restaurants, from Italian to Indian, from wine cellar to cheese shop, from cereal lover to kebab king; enough to have access to great culinary diversity.

For the service, the trio asks them 19% of commission, against the 27 to 30% practiced within the market, according to Roderich.

The platform employs about forty delivery people, freelancers and students. “For now, almost all of them are satisfied and are happy to accompany us in this adventure,” says Roderich. “We bring them to our headquarters in Luxembourg City, and ensure everyone knows each other. This way we have succeeded in building a real community, a “Goosty Gang”, which carries true team spirit.

This article was first published in Silicon Luxembourg magazine. Read our full Digital Entrepreneurship edition.

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