GovTech Lab Launches Call For Virtual Meeting Room Solution

The deadline for submitting applications for the “Virtual Meeting Room” is April 25, 2022 (Photo © Unsplash)

The Ministry for Digitalisation is looking for innovation partnerships to build a “Virtual Meeting Room” for government agencies. The call for applications is open until April 25.

The government’s technology innovation service GovTech Lab is launching its 3rd call for solutions from startups and tech companies.

The innovation partnership is published on the public procurement portal. It is co-piloted by the Luxembourg Ministry for Digitalisation and the Centre des technologies de l’information de l’État (CTIE).

The project concerns a “Virtual Meeting Room” type videoconferencing application available on

“The solution sought by this new call should allow citizens to interact with an administration in complete confidentiality and to present themselves virtually for appointments that currently require a physical presence,” says GovTech Lab.

“It will simplify contact between citizens and public administrations by offering a digital alternative to physical travel, while maintaining the advantage of a direct exchange and personalized care.”

Simple, accessible, secure

The solution must be adaptable to current computer devices (tablet, smartphone, computer), without requiring any prior installation by the citizen.

It must also be efficient and easy to use for the citizen. It will also have to respect a set of constraints, notably in terms of security and confidentiality or accessibility, in order to guarantee the digital inclusion of as many citizens as possible.

It may be considered for other platforms within the public sector.

The deadline for submitting applications for the “Virtual Meeting Room” is April 25, 2022.

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