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Date of creation:



c/o lux future lab
59 boulevard Royal
1118 Luxembourg



Phone number:

(+352) 621 728 275



Social networks:

Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Capital Stock:


Funds Raised:





Matti Heikkila, Kevin Colgan



Job Offers:


Field of activity:

Real-estate Data Analytics / PropTech

Elevator Pitch:

Houser provides real-estate professionals with access to real-estate information and tools that increase process efficiency, reduce costs, and comply with upcoming regulatory requirements.


The HouserLOOP platform streamlines the loan creation process for banks with a single, objective, data-driven report on a potential loan property that is created by the retail bank agent, reviewed by the credit analyst, and approved by the credit review board. HouserLOOP provides automated market analysis (comparables) along with a scientifically grounded Valuation algorithm that the bank can trust. By using the HouserLOOP platform banks will know that they comply with CSSF regulations.

Business Model:

Houser sells 3 services to banks: HouserLOOP to create standard credit reports for new property loans, HouserLOOP porfolio valuation which provides Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratios for the bank’s entire real-estate portfolio, and houser.lu integration which helps banks acquire and retain real-estate loan customers.


Houser first plans to provide services to all the major retail banks in Luxembourg that offer residential real-estate loans. The strategy is then to expand to larger markets where banks have the same needs, with Germany being the first expansion target.

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