How Dozens Of Entrepreneurs Are Navigating Uncertain Waters – Part VI: 24 Hours In A Life Of An Entrepreneur

What we are experiencing today is unprecedented and offers us the opportunity to rethink our lives and the way we operate. Talking about our stories individually does not seem appropriate. What does seem appropriate is expressing our collective fears, anxieties, ideas and stories as we ride through this pandemic together.
by: Charles-Louis Machuron
illustration: Studio Polenta

How do we – the entrepreneurs, freelancers and startup founders – deal with the situation on a daily basis? How do we organize ourselves to work remotely? What technological tools do we use? What are the risks and opportunities for us? Are we ready to telework? Are all sectors at a standstill or does digital technology allow for the continuity of work? These are questions we’ve decided to collectively explore in this special issue.

We are all at the starting line but we may not all reach the finish line. This is precisely why we have to stick together, support each other, and ask for help (if needed) to get through this crisis.

VI. 24 Hours In A Life Of An Entrepreneur

“24 hours in my life makes for a very organized day! First of all, I’m an early riser. I’ve gotten into the habit, since high school, of working early and taking advantage of the calm of the morning to start my day. So, I get up at 5 am, starting with a shower before working until 7 am.

This first time slot allows me to process my emails, prepare my day’s agenda, and write with a restful mind. Then from 7 to 8.30 am it’s time for the family and children. Right now, the time devoted to my family is a full-time job. So we decided to set up a 3-hour work week with my wife while the other takes care of the children. Until a few days ago, the actual working day was between 8:30 and 5:30. From now on, between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm we alternate our activities. And, then it’s the children’s time until 8pm before some time for us until 9.30pm and for some household work (if the tiredness is not felt!) or leisure (reading, listening to podcasts, series, movies, etc..) until midnight.

I am lucky enough to have kept this rhythm for several years now. The most crucial thing right now is to make sure that we both have enough time to devote to our family and work. I will be honest. It took me several years to find the right pace but the last few years have been a constant challenge and have finally allowed me to be ready now.”
– Charles-Louis Machuron, Silicon Luxembourg

“It can get lonely being in front of a screen all day. Being isolated from family is quite difficult and I am jealous of all those that are home taking this opportunity to relax and take care of their families. I guess this is an opportunity to reinvent ourselves!”
– eLfy Pins, Supermiro + Helloboss

“I’m actually starting to question the reason for the existence of weekends.”
– Marzio Schena, ANote Music

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This article was first published in Silicon Luxembourg magazine (special Covid edition “Hope”). Download now.

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