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How Outfittery Disruptive Business Model Seduced Mangrove Capital Partners?

What a crowd last night at the Chamber of Commerce! I must admit that I had never seen so many people for a start-up conference in Luxembourg, confided one participant. The two renowned speakers arouse interest and enthusiasm of 300 people who overcome snow and cold weather!

Luxinnovation, the National Agency for Innovation, set up another great Luxembourg Start-up Network(ing) Event and offered to the public the chance to listen to Outfittery Co-Founder Julia Bösch and Mangrove Capital Partners Managing Partner Hans-Jürgen Schmitz about an innovation e-commerce adventure and investment. Frédéric Becker, Head of Luxinnovation Start-up Support Team introduced the event and share his mind about the importance of e-commerce to Luxembourg. Couple of rules changed this year like VAT rate niche. Luxembourg has to switch over to a niche of competencies in order to be successful in other areas. Being innovative means we’ve to innovate in technology and business models and that’s the purpose of the event tonight, how to build disruptive business models in e-commerce, told Frédéric Becker.

Then, it was time to look towards the two guest speakers of the night to know more about that successful 2 years old start-up which claims 100,000+ clients in eight countries. It must be said that the company paid a lot of attention to the design of the boxes sent by a bunch of personal shoppers who deliver a series of clothes and accessories – shoes, shirts, pants, jackets… – that fit the best with customers needs and desires. Once the box – looks like a suitcase! – received, it’s up to the client to keep the items he likes and send back the others. A clever and completely new way to avoid the rush in stores and a dedicated shopper who takes care of your fashion being.

That e-commerce business model is changing the way you buy on the internet. It takes only 15 minutes to detail your needs to the personal shopper. No more long hours spent to search, compare, decide and pay dozen of products. It’s all in a box. And this is precisely what seduced the private equity fund Mangrove Capital Partners. The fund – well-know for its investments in Skype and Wix – is always looking for the next big thing and to accompany the entrepreneurs who are changing the rules – like offering a different approach the relationship with the clients – without necessarily reinventing the wheel.

Outfittery just launched its offer on the Luxembourg market a month ago and already reach 1,000 clients – plus the 300 participants who got a 50€ voucher last night (!). Another disruptive way to market the product and self promoting the concept.

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