IMS Launches The Sustainability Academy

The Sustainability Academy aims to help companies and organisations make more sustainable decisions (Photo © Unsplash)

Looking back on nearly 15 years of existence, CSR network IMS Luxembourg is ready to take a step into the future with its newly launched Sustainability Academy.

Already a hot topic in the world for a few years, sustainability is also becoming increasingly relevant in Luxembourg.

It is only fitting then that Inspiring More Sustainability (IMS) creates Sustainability Academy to mark its 15th year of existence. IMS will also highlight a sustainable development theme each month and provide updates on publications, resources and new events.

Businesses play a vital role in tackling climate change but may lack the resources or knowledge to know where to start. With more action sorely needed towards strengthening the three pillars of sustainability–people, planet and prosperity–IMS declares itself more faithful than ever to its vision of making Luxembourg the reference for a prosperous and sustainable society.

From Theory To Practice

The Sustainability Academy will actively take part in fulfilling this vision. It hopes to help companies move from the theoretical CSR topics into the practical realm of achievable actions.

Through a set of rich training programmes, the Sustainability Academy aims to help companies and organisations–regardless of whether they are members of the IMS network–make more sustainable decisions.

Highlighting three benefits of joining their new network, IMS mention: access to cutting-edge learning material created by experts in the field, tailored training for all three sustainable development issues as well as a stronger commitment from their team.

Sandrine Grumberg, who was appointed Sustainability Academy manager and has been part of IMS since its creation, is well versed in its history and in topics such as responsible purchasing and waste management. She will be accompanied by Sophie Öberg, deputy director of IMS.

The network of companies and organisations of IMS allows exchanges and firm commitments between members. Therefore, the Academy’s offer will be developed in part in collaboration with the CDEC group (IFSB, COCERT, Neobuild), ILA, and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

This year’s 20 new members count: AIO (All In One Technologies), Aperam, Aremis Luxembourg, Besix Red, Chambre des Métiers Luxembourg, CO2 strategy Luxembourg, Dechert, IA Conseils, IKO Development, ILA, innov’ICTion, Luxembourg Convention Bureau, Luxempart, Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte / Loterie Nationale, OUNI, Ramborn Cider Co., RSS-Hydro, Streff Data Protection Services, Université du Luxembourg, and Wavestone.

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