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In interview in the Nevada desert with ContinuousPHP: tech & community in Luxembourg

I did a fair number of interviews while I was at Zendcon in Las Vegas. The entertainment capital of the world is located in the desert. So it seemed fun to do this interview in the desert.

This week’s episode features Frédéric Dewinne and Oswald De Riemaecker from ContinuousPHP. We talk about how they met and how they almost instantly founded the company.

ContinuousPHP is a Platform As A Service that focuses on continuous delivery and continuous deployment in the PHP space.

Their startup is based in Luxembourg and the location plays an important role in their story: the Luxembourg government is investing a lot of money in IT and a lot of startups get help from the government.

Because of the startup culture that is growing out there, there’s also a growing community. I’m pretty sure the Luxembourg PHP community will grow as well and both Frédéric and Oswald will make sure this happens. We also talk about the quality of life out there.

And finally we chat about their plans to expand in the US.

Watch the interview with the guys from ContinuousPHP

Just listen to Frédéric and Oswald

Are you in the car? Or on a train? Do you prefer listing to the audio while working or while working out? I uploaded the audio to SoundCloud.

The interview was conducted by Thijs Feryn and published on Thijs Feryn’s blog

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