In Need Of Holidays And Travel? Take A Break Using Virtual Reality

We probably can all agree it’s not the best time to travel but the Luxembourg-based expert for immersive technology ZENVIEW, has announced the use its expertise in order to make the world accessible for everyone in a virtual way.
by: Charles-Louis Machuron
photo: stem.T4L on Unsplash

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Already well known for developing the first VR relaxation platform for employees to reduce stress and prevent burnout directly at the workplace, ZENVIEW (see our article “ZENVIEW, the emotional first aid kit“) has adapted its software to provide the opportunity to visit a variety of exotic locations around the world – No passport, airplane or face mask required.

The Covid-19 pandemic is hitting the economy hard while a global flight ban and the risk of contracting the virus makes people uncertain when it will be possible to travel again in the near future. What is for sure without any doubt is that everyone deserves holidays more than ever before.

“Our goal at ZENVIEW is to transport people from a less attractive environment such as a workplace or hospital to a quiet and peaceful place to provide the perfect setting to unwind and forget the world around for a moment. To achieve this we use the latest VR and 3D audio technology. All our environments are virtual replicas based on some of the most beautiful places on our planet,” says Agnella Serafin, Founder of ZENVIEW. “Unlike a 360 film or picture, we use real time rendering software that provides the highest visual quality and allows the user to literally feel the sand under their feet or the warm breeze on their skin. In order to give people at least a touch of travel and exploration, we would love to make our interactive VR experience available to as many people as possible in Luxembourg during this difficult time.”

Whether you want to experience the sunrise in the Namibian desert, take a walk in the mighty Redwood Forest or visit the amazing underwater world in the Great Barrier Reef, everything is possible with just one hand gesture.

By using the integrated virtual camera the user is able to capture the most beautiful moments of his journey, print them out and keep them for memory sake. The ZENVIEW VR travel package including all necessary hardware and software can be booked for a few days up to several months and is available for shopping malls, airports, travel agencies and anyone else who would like to offer an unforgettable virtual trip.

You will tell me here that the activity of the latter is at the point and you are right! The startup is already anticipating the end of the lockdown and teasing its new service.

Why then, in the meantime, don’t you launch the service for individuals? “Well, it’s a good question. At the moment we do not see any possibility to offer the VR experience for people at home. Simply because of the small number of people who have their own VR headset and without the VR headset the “magic” is lost,” says ZENVIEW co-founder Mathias Keune. “We have thought about the future based on the fact that there is a high probability that summer holidays will not happen for most people until airlines are back to operating regularly, borders are open and there is a vaccine available to provide long term protection.”

“The VR travel experience should be available from the first day when the lockdown is over and people are allowed to be in public places again. This can be a shopping mall, airport, small retail store or business center. Basically, everywhere where we can set up our VR setup temporarily. Of course we also take hygiene very seriously and avoid direct contact with the VR hardware by using disposable masks and a specially coated protective cover.”

Based on the fact that events are already cancelled until the end of October (Oktoberfest, Schueberfouer and more), a virtual replacement for many activities will still be an important topic this whole year…

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